Friends, new users don’t get starting $5 more for signing up. But we pay for simple challenges! 💜In order you can fully appreciate how Veles bots work, we made 3 simple tests, where we tried to explain step by step how they work. The first and easiest challenge is to connect your Telegram to the bot – for passing this challenge, we will credit $2… Read More »Learn2earn

Veles in WSOT by Bybit

Veles users, we would like to remind you about our cooperation with the Bybit exchange After the Binance exchange imposed restrictions on the maximum deposit amount of 10,000 euros, the Veles team decided to refuse to participate in the Binance futures tournament. We remind you that in the Binance futures market, restrictions apply taking into account leverage. If you have $1000 in your account, then… Read More »Veles in WSOT by Bybit

How to avoid liquidation of a futures bot

Let’s imagine that your futures bot, launched with the Long algorithm, has filled the entire grid of orders and the liquidation price is very close. There are several ways to save the situation.Let’s look at some of them: 1st method Split the margin Transfer additional funds to the futures balance to replenish the safety margin. The more funds transferred, the further the liquidation price will… Read More »How to avoid liquidation of a futures bot

Let’s get into stablecoins  ―  USDT, USDC, BUSD, UST, DAI

TOP-5 popular stablecoins with the largest capitalization: Tether (USDT ticker), capitalization $80,049,553,728, Tether issuer USD Coin (ticker USDC), capitalization $52,608,675,088, Circle and Coinbase issuer Binance USD (ticker: BUSD), capitalization $17,975,822,517, issuer Binance TerraUSD (ticker: UST), capitalization $13,885,901,896, issuer Terra Dai (ticker symbol DAI), capitalization $9,895,467,031, issuer Makerdao BUSD, USDT, USDC The most common and liquid on the market. They have huge coverage of traded currency… Read More »Let’s get into stablecoins  ―  USDT, USDC, BUSD, UST, DAI

Veles referral program

Earning with Veles is now even easier!  Earn income by inviting your friends, followers and active users. Veles offers you to receive 50% commission for each referred user! We give you exactly half for your trust! Veles’ advices When a user registers on Veles with your referral link, you will receive 50% from each successful transaction and from each payment for using the platform. The… Read More »Veles referral program