Get a year in Veles for $399

Until 12/31, top up the platform balance for $399 and get a bonus $201 🎁 Why $600 if you don’t have a monthly subscription?— On average, that’s how much a each user spends in a year with Veles. What if the change is left over? — We have a lot of new features coming up next year, some of which will be paid. Spending gift… Read More »Get a year in Veles for $399

Updated showcase of ready-made bots

Friends, we created bots with minimal deposits for those who have long wanted to try trading but didn’t have an opportunity! The available minimum deposit is $80 on spot and $50 on futures. Spot There are 2 bots for trading on spot exchange with minimum deposit. 80$ starting deposit. Spot Starter on BTC/USDT Long Classic bot on a conservative coin. We have chosen the minimum… Read More »Updated showcase of ready-made bots

Veles Anniversary

Today is Veles anniversary! Dear friends, we thank everyone who has been with us from the first transaction to today! ✨ IN DECEMBER, WE GIVE NEW USERS AN INCREASED PERCENTAGE OF REFERRAL DEDUCTIONS OF 50%! FOREVER! You will receive 50% from all new users, which will come with your referral link in December During the year we have achieved dizzying results! Our team is working… Read More »Veles Anniversary

November results

From the beginning of the month, the market was very stormy. On October 29, the price of Bitcoin reached $21.08 thousand. Since then, the price of the cryptocurrency has decreased by 7.82%. The Bitcoin price has fallen to $16.5 thousand. The cost of the FTX crypto exchange’s own token (FTT) has fallen by 72% in a day. A sharp collapse in altcoin quotes occurred on… Read More »November results

Football Cup Trading Competition OKX

Dear Veles users, we would like to remind you about our cooperation with the OKX exchange. A trading competition within the Football Cup from the OKX exchange will begin very soon! The prize pool is 2,000,000 USDT! We concentrated our efforts on preparing for the OKX competition. Veles is an official partner of OKX, so we provide you with the best conditions to start! The… Read More »Football Cup Trading Competition OKX

Trade Fan Tokens with Veles

⚽️ Dear friends, the FIFA World Cup 2022 will begin on November 20 in Qatar!So now you can trade fan tokens in our platform! The bot can trade the following tokens: 🔹 LAZIO🔹 PORTO🔹 SANTOS🔹 ALPINE🔹 JUV🔹 PSG🔹 BAR🔹 CITY🔹 ACM🔹 ATM🔹 GAL🔹 ASR🔹 OG🔹 CHZ If you did not find a token that you would like to trade, let us know and we will… Read More »Trade Fan Tokens with Veles

Is it safe to trade with Veles?

Dear friends, your safety is our top priority! In the cryptocurrency market, trust is increasingly fading. And the situation on November 8 with FTX served as a catalyst for this. We want to tell you why it’s safe to use Veles! First of all, we remind you that the main traders tool is diversification. If you’re worried about what happened to FTX, choose different exchanges… Read More »Is it safe to trade with Veles?

Why is using API safe?

The abbreviation API means “Application Programming Interface”. Most of the big companies at some stage develop APIs for customers or for internal use. API is an application programming interface that helps applications interact with each other. Daily, we constantly use APIs, but we don’t always realize that we are dealing with them. In fact, APIs are created by some developers for others as a set… Read More »Why is using API safe?

You have 100$. How to start earning?

We are often asked similar questions by novice traders who have just discovered the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies on the stock market and decided to do it with Veles bots. Here we will try to help you with opportunities to minimize risks and how to start earning. Dear friends, we recommend you to start trading with a $ 100 deposit, with this deposit the probability… Read More »You have 100$. How to start earning?

New Referral program challenge

We have a new challenge! Bring a friend and earn money! 💸 Create a referral link, invite your friend and if he would pass one of the tests, then you will receive $5 to the account! 😉 We also remind you that you receive 30% of all deductions for each attracted user to your account!