Crypto2AF™ Signals indicator listing

The Crypto2AF™ Signals spot trading tool has been added to the Veles platform. The indicator is based on the strategy of breaking chart patterns and helps traders to find potential entry points, reducing the need for self-tracking the market and reducing stress during trading. The indicator works on 4H and 1D timeframes.   How to use the indicator? Crypto2AF™ Signals VIP provides trading signals for the… Read More »Crypto2AF™ Signals indicator listing

March 2024 results

Bitcoin broke through its all-time high (ATH) and reached a price of $73777. In February, BTC marked an increase of 43.5%, ETH grew by 46.2%. The capitalization of all cryptocurrencies exceeded $2.7 trillion. The dynamics was accompanied by extreme greed among traders. American banks Bank of America and Wells Fargo began to offer their clients to invest in spot ETFs. Meanwhile, BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF balance… Read More »March 2024 results

February 2024 results

Bitcoin continues to demonstrate its strength, reaching the $64k milestone. Even more interesting is its potential, as BTC is approaching all-time highs. Note that 13 years ago at this same time, bitcoin first breached the $1 price on the Mt․Gox exchange. Today, the amount of BTC that conservative investors buy through ETFs is 12.5 times the amount produced by the network in a single day.… Read More »February 2024 results

January 2024 results

The month began with gifts for buyers and sellers at the same time. FUD around the news of ETF approval did not decrease for several months, familiarizing with the volatility rapidly arriving novices to the market. Finally, the issue was resolved with obvious approval of bitcoin trading for large funds. These companies have $17 trillion under management, which is 10 times the capitalization of the… Read More »January 2024 results

Strategy collection by Veles 2.0

We have put together a collection of Veles strategies 2.0. In this collection you will find examples of ready-made bots for futures and spot markets with different variations of our trading tools application. All indicator signals have been tested with Veles technologies. Use these settings for as a starting point for developing your own strategy. Futures bots Showcase of ready-made bots: Conservative:  Moderate:  Aggressive:  Spot… Read More »Strategy collection by Veles 2.0

Results of the year 2023

The year 2023 has come to an end and it’s time to summarize the results of the Veles platform. This year has been full of changes, new achievements and unforgettable moments. Our community has grown by leaps and bounds, reaching 20 thousand people, and can now be considered one of the world’s largest algo trading communities. We are glad to unite such a large number… Read More »Results of the year 2023

Backtest of the CryptoWave indicator

Veles team has backtested CryptoWave – Swing48 signals for mid-term trading and investment holding. Detailed table with backtest results The following universal settings were applied: Indent 1: 0.10% (20% of volume) Indent 2: 7% (30% volume) Indent 3: 12% (50% of volume) Stop Loss: 6%Take Profit: on signal The analysis was performed from the placement of signals from 17.10.23 to 22.12.23. 93 deals were opened… Read More »Backtest of the CryptoWave indicator

November 2023 results

Bitcoin has been in a stable sideways trend for a month, without any noticeable volatility, which also affects altcoins. At the moment, the main cryptocurrency continues to trade around $38 thousand. The market is tensely awaiting explosive news that could affect the further direction of the course. During the first public testing, the TON blockchain made 100,000 transactions in one second. This result exceeds the… Read More »November 2023 results

Binance has completed the audit of Veles

Veles has been successfully audited by Binance. The audit was performed by leading experts from the exchange’s team. The exchange’s report confirmed that Veles has a high level of security, which ensures the reliability and proper functioning of the platform. From now on, Binance exchange provides Veles users with a one-click connection to the platform using FastAPI technology. Users can now quickly and easily access… Read More »Binance has completed the audit of Veles

Strategy collection by Veles

As an overview we have collected bot configurations on one page. Here you will find various configurations that are available on the showcase, as well as versions that we publish separately in our community. For OKX: Conservative: Moderate: Aggressive: Spot: By subscription: The ready-made bot settings are presented as an example and do not represent a call to action. *The page will be updated