The effect of airdrops in 2024

Airdrops remain the main chip of new cryptocurrency projects that want to attract new users. Productive advertising is money, also free.  First of all, let’s understand what an airdrop is? Airdrop is a process where new cryptocurrency projects distribute their tokens to users for free. Users do not need to invest money in the project to receive the tokens. They receive these tokens for free.… Read More »The effect of airdrops in 2024

May 2024 results

Cryptocurrency events Bitcoin continues to consolidate near the historical maximum, trading at $69 thousand. At the same time, the market capitalization of stablecoins updated the historical high, which may indicate the readiness to inject investments into the market. The most significant event during the month was the approval of the spot Ethereum-ETF. Unexpectedly for the market, the SEC approved all applications to launch spot Ethereum… Read More »May 2024 results

57,000 USDT distribution among Veles Traders

Bybit exchange and Veles platform have launched a trading competition with a prize pool worth up to 57,875 USDT To participate, you will need to have an account on Bybit exchange and connect your API to your Veles profile, if you haven’t done so already. Register for the contest and start trading with Veles bots. Earn trading volume of 50,000 USDT or more on spot… Read More »57,000 USDT distribution among Veles Traders

We have updated the showcase of ready-made bots

Veles team has done a complex testing and finalization of the settings presented in the showcase of ready-made Veles bots. The description of the settings is accompanied by the results of backtesting, as well as recommendations for their usage. To work with trading bots, it is recommended to keep on deposit a backup capital of at least 50% of the amount allocated for a deal.… Read More »We have updated the showcase of ready-made bots

April 2024 results

The fourth halving of bitcoin happened, the price of the main cryptocurrency continues to trade near the support at the mark above $60 thousand. April was marked for traders by liquidations of $1.8 billion, after which a prolonged sideways trend began. The reason for the unexpected, but localized market reversal was the news from the Middle East region. The situation changed traders’ expectations on the… Read More »April 2024 results

A tool without which you can no longer trade

Veles team has introduced an innovative type of trade analysis. Backtests are designed for testing and creating your own trading strategies.  The platform capabilities allow for a detailed analysis of various scenarios on the chart history. Each Veles user can manage orders through partial position opening, setting multiple take-outs and closing the deal at breakeven. A combination of different trading indicators can be used to… Read More »A tool without which you can no longer trade

Crypto2AF™ Signals indicator listing

The Crypto2AF™ Signals spot trading tool has been added to the Veles platform. The indicator is based on the strategy of breaking chart patterns and helps traders to find potential entry points, reducing the need for self-tracking the market and reducing stress during trading. The indicator works on 4H and 1D timeframes.   How to use the indicator? Crypto2AF™ Signals VIP provides trading signals for the… Read More »Crypto2AF™ Signals indicator listing

March 2024 results

Bitcoin broke through its all-time high (ATH) and reached a price of $73777. In February, BTC marked an increase of 43.5%, ETH grew by 46.2%. The capitalization of all cryptocurrencies exceeded $2.7 trillion. The dynamics was accompanied by extreme greed among traders. American banks Bank of America and Wells Fargo began to offer their clients to invest in spot ETFs. Meanwhile, BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF balance… Read More »March 2024 results

February 2024 results

Bitcoin continues to demonstrate its strength, reaching the $64k milestone. Even more interesting is its potential, as BTC is approaching all-time highs. Note that 13 years ago at this same time, bitcoin first breached the $1 price on the Mt․Gox exchange. Today, the amount of BTC that conservative investors buy through ETFs is 12.5 times the amount produced by the network in a single day.… Read More »February 2024 results

January 2024 results

The month began with gifts for buyers and sellers at the same time. FUD around the news of ETF approval did not decrease for several months, familiarizing with the volatility rapidly arriving novices to the market. Finally, the issue was resolved with obvious approval of bitcoin trading for large funds. These companies have $17 trillion under management, which is 10 times the capitalization of the… Read More »January 2024 results