Binance has completed the audit of Veles

    Veles has been successfully audited by Binance. The audit was performed by leading experts from the exchange’s team.

    The exchange’s report confirmed that Veles has a high level of security, which ensures the reliability and proper functioning of the platform.

    From now on, Binance exchange provides Veles users with a one-click connection to the platform using FastAPI technology. Users can now quickly and easily access the platform and start trading without any unnecessary difficulties.

    To ensure the safety of users’ funds when connecting via FastApi, a whitelist of IP addresses is used.  Connecting via FastApi removes the 90-day validity restriction of the API key.

    Veles also successfully passed a legal audit, which confirmed compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. This audit determines that Veles operates in compliance with the law and protects the interests of its users.

    Veles cooperates with stock exchanges!!

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