Strategy collection by Veles 2.0

    We have put together a collection of Veles strategies 2.0. In this collection you will find examples of ready-made bots for futures and spot markets with different variations of our trading tools application.

    All indicator signals have been tested with Veles technologies.

    Use these settings for as a starting point for developing your own strategy.

    Strategy collection by Veles 2.0

    Futures bots

    Showcase of ready-made bots:

    • $1 Bot – is an active longing bot for studying market mechanics. It works in a short overlapping grid and is designed for frequent entries. The bot is high-risk, it is not recommended to change the deposit
    • ETH Long – a bot for working on the trend with a short overlap of 5%, rare signals and long takeouts.
    • BTC Long – a moderate bot with fast multi-takes, designed to work with spills
    • SrgArt Scalper – an active longing bot working on the indicator from SrgArt. It unloads the position gradually and moves stop-loss to breakeven after taking the first take profit. It is designed for the potential of movement up to 1%
    • TON Long – is a bot for a small deposit to work in an uptrend. Gains position in short squeezes.
    • ADA Long – is an active bot with a wide grid of orders, customized for comparing cash flows. Works with trend change data.
    • APT Long – a bot for small deposit with two orders, works in short overlaps
    • RNDR Long – a bot with a wide grid of orders with frequent entry points in local overbought conditions.
    • 1000LUNC – bot with a wide grid of orders to work on the track and frequent entry points
    • BNB Miner – a spot bot for earning BNB to discount commissions on Binance.


    • CB | FXS LONG – bot in combination of Bollinger Bands and RSI indicators
    • CB | EGLD LONG – a bot with a wide grid and takes to accumulate an oversold position
    • CB | DAR SHORT – bot for counter-trend work with wide takes
    • CB | MATIC SHORT – active bot for trend work in combination of ADX and MFI indicators



    Spot bots

    Short spot bots

    The strategy is designed to accumulate the available coins in your portfolio on the spot market. Algorithms automatically track and analyze the market, selling coins on small price swings and then buying them again at a lower price.

    The cryptocurrency market can be unpredictable, so risk management is a key aspect of successful trading.

    This article is intended to be educational and is not financial advice or a call to action.

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