The effect of airdrops in 2024

    Airdrops remain the main chip of new cryptocurrency projects that want to attract new users. Productive advertising is money, also free. 

    First of all, let’s understand what an airdrop is? Airdrop is a process where new cryptocurrency projects distribute their tokens to users for free.

    Users do not need to invest money in the project to receive the tokens. They receive these tokens for free. It is only necessary to perform various tasks of the project to become lucky and get the coveted tokens. It is also known that the number of tokens distributed through Airdrop is limited. Therefore, many reward hunters are trying their best to get the coins. And the more, the better. 

    In 2024, the trend of airdrops was revived again, and it was initiated by the famous NOT. The well-known clicker in Telegram appeared in January this year and managed to make a lot of noise in the Internet and crypto community. 

    The project gained mass trust because its development team is directly related to the developers of the TON project. The main feature of NOT is that the essence of the project is far from just a “click”. This coin is only mined in this way. 

    It is not yet known how NOTcoin will be used, but the project already looks promising against the background of its fellow clickers and even projects that are in no way related to the PlayToEarn sector. 

    Early users received their coins before listing on the exchange – this is called airdrop. Users were rewarded for their time spent tapping the coin. Notcoin fell 35% after listing, but rose 500% afterward. 

    The success of NOT became involved in the birth of new projects of PlayToEarn sector with the same essence – click and earn. Moreover, the success of the TON team’s project encourages new users to enter the project, because even not all cryptocurrencies can boast such success.

    The successor was Hamster Kombat. The notorious hamster attracted more than 150 million users for its short existence. Its essence does not differ from NOT. The only difference is the mechanics of the game, where the user has more opportunities to click more coins. How the coins will be used in the blockchain ecosystem is unknown. The peculiarity of tokens in PlayToEarn projects is that it is unknown whether these tokens will be worth any money or not.  

    The main airdrop loophole is multi-accounting. 

    Multi-accounting is a process when a user has many project accounts, and he/she is active on all of them. 

    This is how dozens or even more smartphones look like, which work non-stop and perform the necessary activity in the project.

    It is worth recalling that the trend on the PlayToEarn sector was already 2 years ago. It was possible to make a lot of money on crypto-games, but there is one problem that fundamentally differentiates crypto-games of 2022 and our time. That problem is the complexity of the game’s mechanics. 

    Today, all you have to do to get coins and then sell them is tap on your phone. This is why the trend of airdrops in crypto-games has sensationalized hundreds of millions of players. Everyone loves freebies, and even more so, to get them, you can limit yourself to primitive actions.

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