June 2023 Results

June was not easy for traders. The overall negative backdrop of SEC lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase led to a string of liquidations in the market. For its part, Binance accused the SEC of creating confusion and deliberately misleading the community. Nevertheless, buying forces are gaining momentum – last week bitcoin renewed its yearly high and hit $31,400. In its lawsuits, the SEC effectively declared… Read More »June 2023 Results

How to trade more effectively – following the trend or against it?

Every trader first and foremost tracks price development, buying power and market trend. As a rule, a trend is a phenomenon of short duration. More often the price goes in a flat or sideways, you can call these pro-trends in different ways.  If you look at the yearly picture of bitcoin, which sets the rate for all other coins, all bitcoin does during that time… Read More »How to trade more effectively – following the trend or against it?

May results

The crypto community remains in a frenzied anticipation due to the approval of trading in China for a number of major exchanges, but May didn’t leave us without entertainment. Meme coins continued to manage the crypto market, and the sensational PEPE token took the third spot in the top market capitalizations with a rise in the price of more than 400%. The Fed raised its… Read More »May results

April results

April made the cryptocurrency community nervous once again.  The most significant update of Ethereum has drawn renewed attention .  On April 13, the project successfully rolled out the Shanghai update, which made it possible to unlock ETH tokens. The altcoin’s price has remained at $1,900. Despite the unlocking of the tokens, which represented immediate bearish pressure on the altcoin, there was no negative reaction. The… Read More »April results

March results

In March, everyone had to keep a close eye on not only the candles on the chart, but the entire financial industry, which gave many reasons for discussion and debate about the further course of events. The positive outcome of the month was new bitcoin highs of $28,000 and then $29,000. This happened because the Fed raised its key rate range by 25 basis points… Read More »March results

February results

February was positive for most of the cryptocurrency market. The Hong Kong authorities will officially make cryptocurrency trading legal for all residents from June 1, 2023. This definitely will open up more opportunities for future growth. BTC breaks $25 000 for the first time since June 2022. When it comes to alarming news, the SEC launched a hunt for crypto staking in the U.S The… Read More »February results

Options for bot strategies

Within our trading competition we saw a lot of different strategies for Veles’s bots.We decided to analyze some of them and share options that we consider interesting. But please keep in mind that You should always follow risk management principles and don’t take others’ successful decisions as a direct signal for action. Pay attention to the current state of the market and the fluctuation of… Read More »Options for bot strategies

Results of the year 2022

With the passing year we’d like to summarize everything we’ve achieved during that time!  At the beginning of 2022, the platform was still in beta-testing, developers were adding new features and fixing bugs, and you could only trade on Binance. At the same time referral program appeared and at the end of January there were already 1671 users on the platform. It was your recommendations to… Read More »Results of the year 2022

Get a year in Veles for $399

Until 12/31, top up the platform balance for $399 and get a bonus $201 🎁 Why $600 if you don’t have a monthly subscription?— On average, that’s how much a each user spends in a year with Veles. What if the change is left over? — We have a lot of new features coming up next year, some of which will be paid. Spending gift… Read More »Get a year in Veles for $399