A tool without which you can no longer trade

    Veles team has introduced an innovative type of trade analysis. Backtests are designed for testing and creating your own trading strategies. 

    The platform capabilities allow for a detailed analysis of various scenarios on the chart history.

    Each Veles user can manage orders through partial position opening, setting multiple take-outs and closing the deal at breakeven. A combination of different trading indicators can be used to determine an entry point.

    The user has at his disposal a trading history, including two thousand trading pairs with billions of candles stored within Veles database.

    Users can now evaluate the profitability and potential losses of different strategies without having to enter real trades and experiencing potential risks.

    “Veles users need to be able to test and improve their trading. That’s why we have opened access to our advanced database and powerful tools to everyone in a freemium format. Pre-testing strategies is simply necessary to improve trading statistics”, says Vladislav Krieger, CEO of Veles.

    Veles backtests are the last step in creating a trading bot. Once all parameters have been entered, access to testing will open.

    Read detailed instructions about backtests in the Wiki.

    Veles cooperates with stock exchanges!!

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