October 2023 results

    The month started with some positive news – bitcoin closed September with a green candle for the third time in its history. 

    Today Bitcoin is consolidating around $34 thousand.

    The mood of traders and investors is set by rumors about the upcoming approval of a spot bitcoin-ETF. FUD is building up around this news, shaking weak hands out of the main crypto asset in every way possible. 

    Foundations such as Grayscale and BlackRock have said they have submitted applications to the regulator, and the SEC meanwhile has confirmed the start of the process.

    The SEC has decided not to get involved in the lawsuit against Ripple. The management of Ripple Lab has been cleared of all charges.

    Hearings against FTX’s ex-CEO Sam Bankman-Fried continue in court. In turn, the exchange promises its customers to pay $9.2 billion by mid-2024.

    Binance is also being sued for contributing to the collapse of FTX. The document claims that CZ with his tweets provoked the fall of the exchange’s token (FTT) from $23.5 to $3.14.

    Let’s move on to the latest news related to our platform and start with a review of the monthly statistics. The total volume of trades for the month reached $209 million. Bybit exchange is the leader in terms of transaction volume, where our users traded a total of $112 million.

    Veles users earned $529 thousand for the month, including stop-losses.

    October 24 was the most profitable day, when users made 30,644 trades and earned $30,644 including stop-losses – an absolute record for the platform. However, another record was October 26, on which day users made the most trades in a day – 46,385.

    Top traded coins for October: TRB (35,195), MATIC (28,268), LOOM (25,956), BTC (25,740), SOL (24,722).

    New indicator on Marketplace: CryptoWave – Swing48! The indicator looks for entry points in a growing trend and takes into consideration counter-trend situations: divergences, investment buy zones and lows updates.

    Now we have a new ‘Volume‘ filter, read the instructions on how to set it up.

    Watch the stream with the authors of the indicator.

    A team of professional traders manually monitor the market and make recommendations for each coin.

    We have published a new video: 

    Deal Closure By An Indicator Signal | Position Auto-Reversal

    We invite indicator developers and active traders to participate in the search for quality signals.

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