Crypto2AF™ Signals indicator listing

    The Crypto2AF™ Signals spot trading tool has been added to the Veles platform.

    The indicator is based on the strategy of breaking chart patterns and helps traders to find potential entry points, reducing the need for self-tracking the market and reducing stress during trading. The indicator works on 4H and 1D timeframes.  

    How to use the indicator?

    Crypto2AF™ Signals VIP provides trading signals for the Binance Spot exchange. They can also be applied on other platforms where the relevant trading pairs are available. For trading, the author recommends using a single order with a stop loss, however, you can edit the bot parameters to suit your needs. Before you start trading, duplicate the settings for each pair.

    About the author

    Crypto2AF is an experienced trader and analyst, trading on the cryptocurrency market since 2016. He pays special attention to analyzing charts, looking for patterns and trends for a reasonable trade entry.

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    How much does Crypto2AF™ Signals cost?

    100 USDT for three months.


    More about the author


    If you will trade coins to BTC using this indicator, you must have BTC, not USDT on your wallet.

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