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August 2023 results

August proved to be challenging for traders in the cryptocurrency market, serving as a reminder of the importance of prudent risk management and a strategic approach to trading. Despite initial optimism, Bitcoin underwent a significant decline to $25,200 (-12%), believed to be triggered by speculative rumors of BTC being sold by SpaceX. This decline led to the liquidation of traders’ positions amounting to $1 billion.… Read More »August 2023 results

Backtests for August 2023

At Veles.Finance, we have always been skeptical of backtests: they do not predict price movements, but merely confirm the reality of the past. And history, especially in trading, does not tolerate the subjunctive mood. Today, we have decided to challenge the results of backtests and invite all interested parties to participate in our experiment. We have developed a precise backtesting system based on minute data.… Read More »Backtests for August 2023

Contest for Veles team at WSOT

Bybit is organizing the WSOT 2023 tournament in August. For users who will be trading from the Veles team, we are holding an internal contest with branded and cash prizes. The level of professionalism is not important. Even beginners with modest deposits are welcome. First place for the highest traded volume • $200 to the balance of the exchange and a branded box from Veles.… Read More »Contest for Veles team at WSOT

July 2023 Results

The second month of summer closes with uncertainty. In July, the annual inflation in the USA slowed to 3%, triggering a rise in Bitcoin’s price. At one point, the coin’s price surged to $31,800, reaching its yearly maximum. As of today, the price of Bitcoin is trading at around $29,400. The US court did not classify XRP as a security, and as a result, the… Read More »July 2023 Results

New finished bots on showcase

We have updated the ready-made bots showcase. Explore the mechanics of the market with $1 or collect Bitcoin during price dips. Settings vary in risk levels, and there is a recommendation for each of them. $1 Bot An active long trading bot designed to study market mechanics. It operates within a narrow overlapping grid of 3%, using two orders and one take-profit. The recommended deposit… Read More »New finished bots on showcase

June 2023 Results

June was not easy for traders. The overall negative backdrop of SEC lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase led to a string of liquidations in the market. For its part, Binance accused the SEC of creating confusion and deliberately misleading the community. Nevertheless, buying forces are gaining momentum – last week bitcoin renewed its yearly high and hit $31,400. In its lawsuits, the SEC effectively declared… Read More »June 2023 Results

How to trade more effectively – following the trend or against it?

Every trader first and foremost tracks price development, buying power and market trend. As a rule, a trend is a phenomenon of short duration. More often the price goes in a flat or sideways, you can call these pro-trends in different ways.  If you look at the yearly picture of bitcoin, which sets the rate for all other coins, all bitcoin does during that time… Read More »How to trade more effectively – following the trend or against it?

May results

The crypto community remains in a frenzied anticipation due to the approval of trading in China for a number of major exchanges, but May didn’t leave us without entertainment. Meme coins continued to manage the crypto market, and the sensational PEPE token took the third spot in the top market capitalizations with a rise in the price of more than 400%. The Fed raised its… Read More »May results

April results

April made the cryptocurrency community nervous once again.  The most significant update of Ethereum has drawn renewed attention .  On April 13, the project successfully rolled out the Shanghai update, which made it possible to unlock ETH tokens. The altcoin’s price has remained at $1,900. Despite the unlocking of the tokens, which represented immediate bearish pressure on the altcoin, there was no negative reaction. The… Read More »April results

March results

In March, everyone had to keep a close eye on not only the candles on the chart, but the entire financial industry, which gave many reasons for discussion and debate about the further course of events. The positive outcome of the month was new bitcoin highs of $28,000 and then $29,000. This happened because the Fed raised its key rate range by 25 basis points… Read More »March results