Results of the year 2023

    The year 2023 has come to an end and it’s time to summarize the results of the Veles platform. This year has been full of changes, new achievements and unforgettable moments.

    Our community has grown by leaps and bounds, reaching 20 thousand people, and can now be considered one of the world’s largest algo trading communities.

    We are glad to unite such a large number of users under a common flag – Veles, under which we are going into the New Year. And we are sure that we will be able to prove ourselves together with our users in 2024!

    During this time, our platform has made a number of major updates:

    • Accelerated the work of bots on the Bybit and Binance exchanges
    • Added the ability to fix a position in parts and set a stop loss to breakeven.
    • Passed security audit from Binance
    • Changed indicator calculation architecture
    • Partnered with CommEX
    • Marketplace of Signals is now available
    • It is now possible to connect Bybit, OKX, Binance exchanges in one click
    • Added locks on bots, positions
    • New indicators and filters: ADX, MFI, ATR, volume filter

    Let’s get to the numbers:

    Total user deposits under management through Veles reached $10 million.

    Total trading volume for the year exceeded $2.7 billion.

    Veles platform users earned $6.2 million during the year.

    Our users made transactions totaling more than $2.8 billion. In December, that figure reached a record $1 billion.

    Thank you for your trust in Veles. We promise to keep working to improve our platform, provide you with new tools and educational materials to help you achieve your financial goals. 

    Happy New Year!

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    Thank you for being with us and we wish you maximum profit! 

    Best regards,
    Veles team.

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