Friends, new users don’t get starting $5 more for signing up. But we pay for simple challenges! 💜
    In order you can fully appreciate how Veles bots work, we made 3 simple tests, where we tried to explain step by step how they work.

    1. The first and easiest challenge is to connect your Telegram to the bot – for passing this challenge, we will credit $2 to your account

    We have noticed that many users who use Veles do not connect to Telegram, so they cannot quickly track successful transactions, errors, and other important news

    2. Create an API key  – after that you will receive $2 to your balance.

    Learn2earn 2

    Many users have misunderstandings about what an API key is and how to connect it. We have written a series of training materials  to help you overcome all the difficulties.

    3. Launch your bot

    Learn2earn 3

    This challenge will open last. Here we have prepared a number of materials and a video review on the launch of the bot.

    Also, based on your wishes, you can simply choose a strategy and it will automatically set up a bot for you with all the default settings.

    Veles cooperates with stock exchanges!!

    Register on the exchanges and get a 10% discount on transaction fees from VELES.