January 2024 results

    The month began with gifts for buyers and sellers at the same time. FUD around the news of ETF approval did not decrease for several months, familiarizing with the volatility rapidly arriving novices to the market.

    Finally, the issue was resolved with obvious approval of bitcoin trading for large funds. These companies have $17 trillion under management, which is 10 times the capitalization of the entire crypto market. On the first day, the trading volume on Bitcoin-ETF reached $4.6 billion.

    In return, Tether does not stop increasing the issue of stablecoin, having printed another 3 billion USDT. At the same time as their direct competitor Circle has filed an IPO petition with the US Securities Commission.

    Company X (ex. Twitter) is supporting the growing cryptocurrency trend by promising to allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrency on its own P2P platform in 2024.

    Let’s move on to the Veles platform news. And let’s start with the general statistics for the month.

    The trading volume of our platform users reached $700 billion. High volumes in its statistics is also noted by the Bybit exchange, where Veles took a place in the top 10 global brokers, reaching a volume of $500 million.

    In January our users earned more than $2,2 mln. And these figures do not stop growing from month to month.

    January 14 was the most profitable day, when Veles users made 118 thousand transactions and earned a total of $162 thousand.

    Top coins for November: OP, DYDX, SOL, MATIC, ARB.

    Veles is recognized as the Best bot for trading 2023. Crypto.ru portal became the organizer of the international award dedicated to the cryptocurrency market.

    We added a feature that allows you to estimate signals from traditional indicators directly on the chart, analyzing them on historical data. This update marked the beginning of a new product coming soon – Veles backtests.

    You can trade the Golden Cross and Death Cross patterns on the Veles platform. To find a trend reversal entry point, you can use the new 50 EMA and 100 EMA moving average crossover filter.

    There have also been a number of updates in the Statistics section: we have returned the bot chart and added the display of the average price of a trade on the chart.

    Update for the Profit section. Now users can set the minimum PnL to close a deal on the indicator signal.

    Published a collection of strategies by Veles 2.0, where we posted an example of setting by risk level for the futures and spot markets.

    We launched a week of low prices for Marketplace signals.

    Published the results of contests for the two-year anniversary of our company: Veles Lucky, Veles Mentor, Veles Pro

    We held a special promotion with Bybit exchange, offering everyone who registered through our link to get 20 USDT as a bonus.

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