September 2023 results

    Bitcoin entered September with a 12% drawdown and did not show any serious dynamics all month long. The main cryptocurrency was in a narrow range, while some altcoins showed strong growth.

    In fact, the TON coin showed a 51% movement on the back of the expected news on integration with Telegram, while the MKR coin smoothly grew by 46%. Also speculators of the futures market actively traded the token TRB, which for a month passed 366%.

    The topic of active discussions in the cryptocurrency sphere was the possible approval of spot ETFs (exchange traded funds). Grayscale, a US-based digital asset management company, has expressed a desire to meet with the SEC to discuss the issue of spot ETFs and lobby for the initiative.

    The Binance exchange has announced its exit from Russia. The business was sold to CommEX, a company registered the day before the deal. In addition, earlier Vladimir Smerkis, director of Binance in the CIS, and Gleb Kostarev, director of Binance in Eastern Europe, announced their departure from the company.

    The U.S. inflation rate rose to 3.7%, up from the previous reading of 3.2%. Bitcoin reacted with a short-term rise.

    In honor of its tenth anniversary, cryptocurrency exchange Huobi decided to rebrand and change its name to HTX.

    Bitcoin overtook Visa in terms of annual transaction volume, a significant achievement considering Bitcoin operates on a decentralized network and has yet to reach global usage compared to Visa.

    Let’s move on to the news related to the platform and start with the monthly statistics. The total volume of trades for the month amounted to $224 million. The Binance exchange leads in terms of transaction volume, where our users traded a total of $127 million.

    Veles users earned $504 thousand for the month, including stop-losses.

    September 14 was the most profitable day, when users made 17,064 trades and earned $26,844 including stop-losses – an absolute record for the platform.

    The top traded coins for September were TRB, BLZ, MATIC, OP, CYBER.

    The results were achieved, among other things, thanks to trade optimization. The Veles platform has fully integrated the web sockets function, providing a second response to order execution on the Bybit exchange. Previously, the same technology was implemented for Binance Futures.

    We launched a contest with a prize of $500 for active traders and signal providers. Its objective is to find a signal that will show profitable statistics. The deadline is October 31.

    On the Veles platform there is a function of closing a deal on the signal of the indicator. The technology greatly simplifies trading and allows the bot to be flexible and promptly respond to market changes.

    Also we have placed a new indicator – Dimkud Multi Intraday signals that work with 17 trading pairs on a 15-minute timeframe. For each pair the author provides personalized bot settings, which showed the highest profitability in backtesting for the last 7 months.

    Marked the figure of 10 thousand users in the Russian-speaking community Veles.

    Launched a new video format on YouTube with a breakdown of different strategies. We will select settings for bots taking into account the market mood and share trading results.

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