Updated showcase of ready-made bots

    Friends, we created bots with minimal deposits for those who have long wanted to try trading but didn’t have an opportunity!

    The available minimum deposit is $80 on spot and $50 on futures.


    There are 2 bots for trading on spot exchange with minimum deposit.

    80$ starting deposit.

    Spot Starter on BTC/USDT Long

    Classic bot on a conservative coin. We have chosen the minimum overlap here, because BTC does not have a particular tendency to fluctuate by 10% per day. We have set the grid order 5 and Martingale 7% so that each subsequent order is larger than the previous one. A small profit is set, so that you understand the principle of the bot. Filter to enter the trade of the current configuration – “Keltner’s channel”, time frame of 15 minutes, so that you do not have to wait long when the bot will enter the trade. Longer timeframes are considered more reliable, but if you have a small deposit, it is better to make several trades in a day.

    Trade the bot at: https://veles.finance/cabinet/bot/preset/2

    Spot Starter on ETH/USDT Long

    Has very similar settings to the previous bot Spot Starter BTC/USDT. Here we left 10% overlap, although ETH tends to fluctuate more than 10% (rarely).

    So in this bot we increased the grid of orders for better averaging and chose another filter to enter the trade – “Bollinger Bands”, timeframe 15 minutes, as well as slightly increased the profit on the current configuration.

    Summary: As we have a small deposit, the current settings do not allow us to place many orders, otherwise the exchange will not pass them due to the small volume, but this preset allows you to understand the principle of spot trading and then you can increase the deposit and change the parameters for overlapping and averaging orders.

    Trade with this bot at: https://veles.finance/cabinet/bot/preset/18


    There are 2 bots for trading on futures exchange with minimal deposit.

    50$ starting deposit.

    Important! We remind you that you need to keep a margin balance when trading on Futures. Therefore, we recommend that you run the bot on $25, and leave the rest as supporting margin.

    Futures Bull ETH/USDT Long

    This bot is also configured for ETH coin, which is not subject to large fluctuations. Due to the fact that we have a small deposit, we have chosen a small overlap, but in this case, we have set 7 orders and 7% Martingale, which means that every next order will be greater in weight by 7% than the previous one, thus at a drawdown it will average better and close the deal with a profit

    It is important to note that we do not recommend a leverage greater than 10x, in this preset we have chosen a leverage of 7.

    The filters are chosen to be moderately conservative, which will allow the bot to enter the trade in a falling market (but not at the bottom) faster. Here we use RSI on different timeframes to better enter the trade on a falling candle.

    Trade the bot at: https://veles.finance/cabinet/bot/preset/3

    Futures Bear ETH/BUSD Short

    This bot works in Short. Which means that the bot looks for an entry point when the rising trend changes into a falling one. Here we left the same settings as in the Long bot. We chose the same RSI and added the CCI. In this case, when the values of these filters are high, the bot will start to enter the trade.

    Trade the bot at the link: https://veles.finance/cabinet/bot/preset/5

    Remember that trading at the exchange carries significant risks, so it is worth taking care to minimize them in time. We have written about the risks in more detail in this article.

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