June 2024 Results

    June 2024 Results

    Cryptocurrency events

    This June, BTC decreased in value by 13%, ETH showed a 24% growth. However, traditionally, the market does not show strong movements in summer time. A slow decline in bitcoin occurred throughout the month, and today the price of the main cryptocurrency is trading near $60 thousand. 

    Traders’ attention was attracted by the sensational NOT Coin, the volumes of which at the beginning of the month twice overtook the trading volume of Bitcoin.

    Fintech company Robinhood reached an agreement to acquire cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp. The company plans to expand beyond the US and develop overseas markets.

    According to K33 Research, Bitcoin funds (ETFs and ETPs) have already accumulated more than 1,100,000 BTC, which is 5.2% of the total issuance limit of the first cryptocurrency.

    The number of active addresses in the TON ecosystem has exceeded the performance of the Ethereum blockchain – the price of the token reached $8 at one point. Analysts from Delphi Digital highlight the embryonic state of the TON blockchain. 

    The Securities Regulator (SEC) informed that it has ended its investigation into Ethereum 2.0 and will no longer assert that ETH trading constitutes securities transactions.

    The U.S. inflation rate fell to 3.3% from the previous reading of 3.4%.

    Veles Platform News

    Let’s move on to the review of the Veles platform events and start with summarizing the overall results for June

    The total volume of trading operations on the Veles platform totaled $930 million. The results once again demonstrate the confident development and strengthening of Veles’ position in the market.

    The total profit earned by Veles users in June totaled $3 million. The peak of profitability was on June 5, when users earned $211 thousand by making 98 thousand trades.

    Added the ability to track winning deals – winrate is displayed in Backtests in the Charts section.

    Users can now initiate trades independently at current market prices directly from their personal cabinet. This function will be available if the running bot is in the waiting for signals mode.

    Added a filter by volume in nominal, which checks the conditions for entering a deal by volume in the quotation currency, for example, in USDT.

    Also on the Veles platform appeared Chaikin Oscillator, which allows the bot to analyze and open positions from overbought and oversold assets.

    Added the ability to filter the trend by MACD histogram.

    We held a joint trading contest with Bybit with a pool of 57,000 USDT. 

    We listed the tokens: BENDO, ZK, BLAST.

    Participated in the AMA-session especially for Bybit exchange: Ruslan Molchanov, CTO of Veles platform, became the guest of the live broadcast.

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