You have 100$. How to start earning?

    We are often asked similar questions by novice traders who have just discovered the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies on the stock market and decided to do it with Veles bots. Here we will try to help you with opportunities to minimize risks and how to start earning.

    Dear friends, we recommend you to start trading with a $ 100 deposit, with this deposit the probability of liquidation from the market decreases, as well as the risks. Read more about how to avoid the liquidation of futures bot from the market in this article 👈🏻

    Every day, we make a list of the top assets for previous day in our Telegram channel. There, you can roughly estimate which assets are good trading. Also, if you don’t know how to use our bots, we suggest to read the section “For newbies” on our WIKI.

    *You can always use the preset bot “Futures starter”, it’s deposit is calculated for $ 100 for comfortable trading with the necessary settings.

    You have 100$. How to start earning?

    So, what do you need in order to start earning real money with $100 in your wallet?!

    To get started, check out the options for trading on the stock market. You can choose any cryptocurrency from the ones offered in the constructor. Remember that the bot always offers the most relevant currencies for trading and you can always get acquainted with the current indicators of the exchange without leaving your personal account in order to understand which cryptocurrency is most profitable to launch the bot.

    In the setup phase, we recommend you to allocate at least 50% of the available balance on the futures wallet to the bot.

    Use the isolated margin mode – this is the margin individually allocated for an outstanding margin position with a fixed amount of collateral. If the amount of collateral is insufficient to support the loss, the position will be forced to be liquidated. Also, if you do not know which pair to choose, we recommend you to use fundamental coins such as BTC and ETH in trading, or trading only coins from the Top 20 of

    Do not overestimate the leverage above x5-10, we also don’t recommend you to make a small overlap values for price changes, use at least 30%.

    In conclusion we want to say that, very likely you will be able to earn 10-15% of the initial investment. If you don’t want to miss the important news about crypto world and especially us, follow our social media!

    Profit! 🚀

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