February results

    February was positive for most of the cryptocurrency market.

    The Hong Kong authorities will officially make cryptocurrency trading legal for all residents from June 1, 2023. This definitely will open up more opportunities for future growth.

    BTC breaks $25 000 for the first time since June 2022.

    When it comes to alarming news, the SEC launched a hunt for crypto staking in the U.S

    The regulator accused Kraken of distributing unregistered securities, requiring it to pay a $30 million fine and shut down its cryptocurrency stacking program.The SEC is also preparing a lawsuit against Paxos over BUSD. The regulator claims that BUSD is an unregistered security.

    Nevertheless, Veles’s statistics show a positive mood in the market.

    The month was very volatile, so the total trading volume for the month broke all records and amounted to $124 million!

    Veles users earned more than $350 000 in a month, executing 341 943 deals!

    The most profitable day was February 20. It accounted for $23 942, which is the platform’s all-time daily record for user profits.

    Top assets by profitability:

    1. MATIC — 29 622 deals, P&L +19281%
    2. ETH — 15791 deals, P&L +10504%
    3. DYDX — 15208 deals, P&L +9964%
    4. ATOM — 13178 deals, P&L +8188%
    5. BTC — 9992 deals, P&L +6069%

    In the near future, we are waiting for some great updates!
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