Options for bot strategies

    Within our trading competition we saw a lot of different strategies for Veles’s bots.
    We decided to analyze some of them and share options that we consider interesting.

    But please keep in mind that

    You should always follow risk management principles and don’t take others’ successful decisions as a direct signal for action. Pay attention to the current state of the market and the fluctuation of the selected coin.
    The following options are presented solely as the examples of trading strategies.

    Binance Futures (DASH – LONG)Открыть 

    OKX Spot (TON – LONG)Открыть

    Binance Spot (TWT – SHORT)Открыть

    Bybit Spot (ALGO – SHORT)Открыть

    Remember, the key to your profit is in your hands alone – explore and try out new strategies to reach new heights with Veles!

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