March results

    In March, everyone had to keep a close eye on not only the candles on the chart, but the entire financial industry, which gave many reasons for discussion and debate about the further course of events.

    The positive outcome of the month was new bitcoin highs of $28,000 and then $29,000.

    This happened because the Fed raised its key rate range by 25 basis points to 4.75 – 5%, and bitcoin reacted to the news with new highs: BTC hit $29,000.

    But Fed’s decision wasn’t only thing that pushed the price up

    The biggest news of the month was the collapse of Silvergate Bank and Silicon Valley Bank. It temporarily shook the confidence in the stability of the banking sector and caused the fall of bank shares in different countries of the world. The ensuing “escape” of investors and depositors led to the redistribution of some of the released assets, including in favor of cryptocurrency.

    The pressure on the entire crypto-industry from the U.S. government continues.

    U.S. bitcoin exchange Coinbase has received an SEC investigation notice regarding the listing process on the platform and its products – Coinbase Prime, Coinbase Wallet and the Coinbase Earn stacking service.

    Binance also fell by distribution. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) filed a lawsuit against the exchange and its executives. The regulator intends to completely strip the largest crypto exchange of the U.S. market and accuses it of facilitating illegal activities and trade manipulation.

    In a conclusion – we continue to follow the developments, don’t rush to conclusions and always keep a hand on the pulse of risk management.

    From general news, let’s move on to the platform news, which is more unambiguous and many times more pleasant. Let’s start with financial performance:

    • Total trade volume is $111М. $75М accounted for Binance Futures.
    • Users’ profit in March is  $324 428. Stop losses – $30 173.
    • March 30 – the most profitable day, users earned $16 685, including stop-losses.

    Top assets by profitability in March:

    • MATIC – 31235 deals, PNL +19890% 
    • DYDX — 23121 deals, P&L +14266%
    • ETH — 20087 deals, P&L +13933%
    • XRP — 18416 deals, P&L +11829%
    • BTC — 17263 deals, P&L +10729%

    In March, we released several fundamental updates that made it possible to configure bots more thoroughly.

    1. Powerfully pumped up our statistics, namely:

    – Developed a unique analytics engine, and now any sample of statistics is loaded in less than a quarter of a second.

    – Added a long-awaited feature that makes it possible to see profit from separate bots. Analyze the results and note your best solutions.

    2. Added support for the Polygon network. Transfers in this network are currently the cheapest. So now our users can top up their accounts more profitably.

    3. Added a flexible grid constructor. Now you can experiment with any trading strategy ideas, create flexible grids and allocate orders as you want it.

    4. Added a filter by price. So if you are waiting for “to the moon” – you can already prepare the bots.

    5. We also launched a special promotion with Bybit, thanks to which you won’t have to pay any commission to Veles until April 20! Read more in our news channel👈

    This spring will be rich in major platform updates that will qualitatively improve your trading with Veles, stay tuned!

    Thank you for being with us and we wish you the maximum profit.
    Veles Team 💜

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