April results

    April made the cryptocurrency community nervous once again. 

    The most significant update of Ethereum has drawn renewed attention . 

    On April 13, the project successfully rolled out the Shanghai update, which made it possible to unlock ETH tokens. The altcoin’s price has remained at $1,900. Despite the unlocking of the tokens, which represented immediate bearish pressure on the altcoin, there was no negative reaction.

    The clouds continue to thicken over the banking industry. California’s First Republic Bank could become the fourth failed U.S. bank in two months. This news raised concerns about the stability of the banking sector and led to a rapid rise in the cryptocurrency market. Because investors began to invest in digital assets to protect their savings.

    From general news, let’s move on to the platform news and start with financial performance:

    • Total trade volume is $130М. $85 accounted for Binance Futures..
    • Users’ profit in April is  $379k. Stop losses –$22k.
    • 14 April – the most profitable day, users earned  $24 927 including stop-losses.

    Top assets by profitability in April:

    • MATIC – 27471 deals, PNL +16381% 
    • DYDX — 25725 deals, P&L +14779%
    • ETH — 19770 deals, P&L +12937%
    • XRP — 17609 deals, P&L +10631%
    • ATOM — 13896 deals, P&L +9164%

    In March, Veles launched a global update of the platform. We will introduce a marketplace of unique signals and ready-made bots in the near future.

    Follow our news and hone your own settings, who knows, maybe your solutions will become the most popular among our users.

    Thank you for being with us and we wish you the maximum profit, Regards Veles team. 🚀

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