May results

    The crypto community remains in a frenzied anticipation due to the approval of trading in China for a number of major exchanges, but May didn’t leave us without entertainment.

    Meme coins continued to manage the crypto market, and the sensational PEPE token took the third spot in the top market capitalizations with a rise in the price of more than 400%.

    The Fed raised its rate by 0.25 b.p. in May, and Bitcoin reacted with a rise in price.

    Chinese companies continue to gain positions, as MicroStrategy has purchased another 7,500 BTC, bringing its balance to 140,000 BTC. Despite this, analysts are recording an acceleration of the outflow of funds from crypto funds.

    In the US, an investigation has been launched against Binance, related to possible violations of sanctions against Russians.

    Continuing the investigation theme: Ripple (XRP) has paid $200 million in legal costs in a process with the regulatory agency SEC. The crypto industry is still waiting for the court verdict, and if it is positive for Ripple, the entire decentralized community will be the winner.

    Moving from general news to platform news, we have a great deal to be excited about! Let’s start with the metrics:

    • The total trading volume was $115M. Of which, Binance Futures contributed $70M, and Bybit brought in $33M.
    • Trades in plus closed at $316k. Stop-losses for the month ended with a loss of -$20k.
    • The most profitable day was the 10th of May, with a final result including stop-losses of $16,990 per day.

    Top assets by profit for May:

    • 1000PEPE — 50,990 trades, PNL +21,152%
    • MATIC — 27,086 trades, PNL +15,277%
    • OCEAN — 19,717 trades, PNL +15,122%
    • ETH — 15,427 trades, PNL +10,032%
    • DYDX — 15,707 trades, PNL +9,181%

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