November 2023 results

    Bitcoin has been in a stable sideways trend for a month, without any noticeable volatility, which also affects altcoins.

    At the moment, the main cryptocurrency continues to trade around $38 thousand. The market is tensely awaiting explosive news that could affect the further direction of the course.

    During the first public testing, the TON blockchain made 100,000 transactions in one second. This result exceeds the performance of leading payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard.

    The already former CEO of the Binance exchange Changpeng Zhao has faced problems with the law. The US government demanded that the largest exchange must pay a record fine of more than $4 billion to avoid criminal prosecution and also asked for a change in the company’s management.

    Let’s move on to the latest news related to our platform and start with a review of statistics for the last month. 

    The total trading volume for the month reached $400 million! The Bybit exchange leads in terms of transaction volume, where our users made transactions totaling more than $250 million.

    For the month of November, Veles users’ “dirty” revenue including stop losses totaled $1,111,127! This is the first time this metric is over a million dollars in a month!

    November 9 was our most profitable day, when our users made 92,032 trades and earned $77,461! This is another record set by Veles users.

    Top coins for November: MATIC, SOL, BONK, OP, DYDX

    Veles have passed the security audit and legal review from Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. This audit confirms the reliability and security of our system. 

    Now users can connect to our platform in one click using FastAPI technology.

    We have added the option to average the active deal. This feature gives flexibility in managing trading operations and allows the bot to adapt to the changing market situation.

    Added a new ATR indicator that tracks volatility. The indicator will be a useful tool for intraday trading. However, if you apply it on large timeframes, you can reveal the long-term interest of market participants in a certain asset.

    This month we organized a partnership campaign with Bybit. Our users received a number of bonuses: a free week of trading on Veles, merchandise from Bybit, VIP status and $20 for registration on the exchange. 

    We updated statistics on the platform:

    Chart: analyzing trading results including commissions. Loss and exchange fees are displayed in USD and BNB.

    Table with detailed information about the statistics of each individual bot for the selected period. Data on profit, PnL, number of deals and other information that allows you to study the work of each bot in more details.

    Also changed the chart, which now shows the entry and exit points and % profit or loss.

    Update for Dimkud Multi indicator: added Grid5 grid signals on 5m timeframe.

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