Backtest of the CryptoWave indicator

    Veles team has backtested CryptoWave – Swing48 signals for mid-term trading and investment holding.

    Detailed table with backtest results

    The following universal settings were applied:

    Indent 1: 0.10% (20% of volume)

    Indent 2: 7% (30% volume)

    Indent 3: 12% (50% of volume)

    Stop Loss: 6%Take Profit: on signal

    The analysis was performed from the placement of signals from 17.10.23 to 22.12.23. 93 deals were opened according to the specified settings. The deals were also closed by the signal.

    For each deal the working volume of $1000 was set, as recommended by the authors of the indicator, as well as a leverage of 4. The PnL column shows the net price move in % without leverage.

    It should be noted that on average only 1 out of 3 orders took part in the deals.

    Potential profit from all deals totaled $1972 including exchange commissions.

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