Veles in WSOT by Bybit

    Veles users, we would like to remind you about our cooperation with the Bybit exchange

    After the Binance exchange imposed restrictions on the maximum deposit amount of 10,000 euros, the Veles team decided to refuse to participate in the Binance futures tournament.

    We remind you that in the Binance futures market, restrictions apply taking into account leverage. If you have $1000 in your account, then you will not be able to trade with x11 leverage, because $1000 x 11 > 10,000 euros

    We concentrated our efforts on preparing for the WSOT tournament from Bybit. Veles are the official partners of Bybit, so we provide you with the best conditions to start!

    The WSOT battle is a team competition with the aim of getting maximum profit. The team members will have to show the best PnL coefficient. The winner will be revealed by adding the top 10 PnL teams. Join the Veles team!

    The WSOT tournament will be held from June 27 to July 17, 2022.
    Registration of participants is available from June 10 to July 7. However, the earlier you join the tournament, the more bonuses you will receive. We do not recommend to delay!

    What are the rewards?

    1. $30, for new users when registering on WSOT from 26.05 – 07.07
    2. $50, for all users when registering on WSOT from 10.06 – 12.06
    3. The total prize pool is $8,0Veles Team at WSOT by Bybit00,000
    4. 20% discount on derivatives trading commission on the Bybit
    5. NFT exchange for the first 1000 participants
    6. The first 10 people in the team will receive $10 to their BTC account

    Now there is an active preparation for the tournament! As soon as the registration of participants opens, we will distribute the link

    We recommend you to prepare for the competition in advance: replenish your wallet and join the Veles team

    If you don’t have a Bybit account yet, then it’s time to create one.

    Learn more about the WSOT contest HERE

    Read more about how to open a futures account on the Bybit exchange and create a bot in our blog:

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