Monthly results

March 2024 results

Bitcoin broke through its all-time high (ATH) and reached a price of $73777. In February, BTC marked an increase of 43.5%, ETH grew by 46.2%. The capitalization of all cryptocurrencies exceeded $2.7 trillion. The dynamics was accompanied by extreme greed among traders. American banks Bank of America and Wells Fargo began to offer their clients to invest in spot ETFs. Meanwhile, BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF balance… Read More »March 2024 results

February 2024 results

Bitcoin continues to demonstrate its strength, reaching the $64k milestone. Even more interesting is its potential, as BTC is approaching all-time highs. Note that 13 years ago at this same time, bitcoin first breached the $1 price on the Mt․Gox exchange. Today, the amount of BTC that conservative investors buy through ETFs is 12.5 times the amount produced by the network in a single day.… Read More »February 2024 results

January 2024 results

The month began with gifts for buyers and sellers at the same time. FUD around the news of ETF approval did not decrease for several months, familiarizing with the volatility rapidly arriving novices to the market. Finally, the issue was resolved with obvious approval of bitcoin trading for large funds. These companies have $17 trillion under management, which is 10 times the capitalization of the… Read More »January 2024 results

August 2023 results

August proved to be challenging for traders in the cryptocurrency market, serving as a reminder of the importance of prudent risk management and a strategic approach to trading. Despite initial optimism, Bitcoin underwent a significant decline to $25,200 (-12%), believed to be triggered by speculative rumors of BTC being sold by SpaceX. This decline led to the liquidation of traders’ positions amounting to $1 billion.… Read More »August 2023 results