February 2024 results

    Bitcoin continues to demonstrate its strength, reaching the $64k milestone. Even more interesting is its potential, as BTC is approaching all-time highs.

    Note that 13 years ago at this same time, bitcoin first breached the $1 price on the Mt․Gox exchange.

    Today, the amount of BTC that conservative investors buy through ETFs is 12.5 times the amount produced by the network in a single day.

    BlackRock has purchased more than 100k BTC since the ETF was approved. Despite this, bitcoin’s share of the fund’s portfolio is small compared to other assets.

    MicroStrategy also continues to accumulate bitcoin; the company reported that it has acquired 3,850 BTC this year, bringing its balance to 193k BTC.

    ETH (Ethereum) could be the next candidate for ETF approval. Franklin Templeton, a $1.5 trillion asset manager, has filed an application with the SEC to approve a fund for the first altcoin.

    Binance, one of the leading crypto exchanges, decided to delist several XMR cryptocurrency trading pairs due to a change in offering policy. In response, Monero, which issues XMR, stated that they would never compromise on privacy issues. Users are able to trade on other exchanges.

    Let’s move on to review the latest news on the Veles platform: starting with the general statistics for the past month.

    The number of users is increasing. The trading volume is also growing, which reached $980 million. Every second through the Veles platform is traded over $1500.

    February 28 was the most profitable day for our users, when they made 265 thousand trades and earned an impressive amount of $500 thousand, including stop-losses.

    These results were achieved thanks to the long work of the development team to improve the infrastructure of the Veles platform. 

    In addition, the sudden fall in the bitcoin price confirmed that our system successfully handled the increase in load.

    Top coins for November: OP, ETH, MATIC, DYDX, SOL.

    Binance and Bybit users can now extend grids in the already active deals. 

    The update allows you to:

    – Add volume to a profitable position

    – Launch a grid in an active deal

    – Launch a new bot after the grid is executed

    Added cryptocurrency coins for trading on Binance and Bybit: JUP, RONIN, DYM, OM, STRK, GLM.

    Added a section of trading volume in Veles statistics. Users can see the volume in USDT that was involved in the trade.

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