Results of the year 2022

    With the passing year we’d like to summarize everything we’ve achieved during that time!
     At the beginning of 2022, the platform was still in beta-testing, developers were adding new features and fixing bugs, and you could only trade on Binance. At the same time referral program appeared and at the end of January there were already 1671 users on the platform. It was your recommendations to friends. It meant that we are going in the right direction and making the right product! In February, we finished beta testing and released the release.

    Along with users, we experienced the collapse of Terra and Luna, and then the recent bankruptcy of FTX. Events that had a huge impact on the entire crypto market were a great test for us. And we came out of it victorious – our bots were breaking records in terms of user profits and number of deals every time the market was stormy.

    Now Veles is:

    1) Partnerships with major exchanges (Binance, BYBIT,, OKX and Huobi);

    2) International team;

    3) Huge Wiki knowledge base and academy with videos to help you understand trading faster and easier;

    4) Friendly communities in several languages and amounting to almost 5 thousand people! This year we entered foreign markets, so now we get important feedback in Turkish and English.

    Your safety is our top priority since day one of the platform launch. Veles has an international license registered in Dubai with IFZA. Our team does not hide faces, you can always get to know us in the “Team” section of the website.

    Let’s recap the year:

    1. Under the management of the platform at the moment is more than 1 million dollars.
    2. The number of users at the end of 2022 is 18 594, thanks to Veles, their total revenue is $987,530 and the number of closed loops is 1,205,677.
    3. The most profitable day on the platform for the year was November 9, on that day Veles users earned $21,691, closing 32,592 transactions.
    1. Top 10 assets by profitability for the year looks like this: ETH (663252.3%), ATOM (40034.25%), MATIC (38236.45%), BTC (32215.05%), ADA (29977.4%), SOL (29890%), DOGE (26723.45%), NEAR (26282.5%), BNB (22152.3%), ETC (22091.35%).
    2. Trading volumes for the year totaled $330,694,911.
    3. Most trades were earned by bots with the following indicators: RSI, CCI, Bollinger Bands, Power Balance, TradingView, Keltner Channel, MACD, RSI Levels, Hala Moving Average, EMA.
    4. Binance is in the first place by trading volume with 70% percent. The Bybit exchange is in the second place, and OKX is in the third place.

    Thank you for spending this year with Veles!

    We are growing and developing because of you. And every day together we make Veles better – and there are a lot of updates and additions ahead.

    Happy New Year!


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