Football Cup Trading Competition OKX

    Dear Veles users, we would like to remind you about our cooperation with the OKX exchange.

    A trading competition within the Football Cup from the OKX exchange will begin very soon! The prize pool is 2,000,000 USDT!

    We concentrated our efforts on preparing for the OKX competition. Veles is an official partner of OKX, so we provide you with the best conditions to start!

    The OKX Football Cup Trading Competition will begin on November 29 and will be ended on December 19, 2022.
    Registration of participants is available until November 29, however, the earlier you join the tournament, the more bonuses you will receive. We do not recommend you to delay!

    What about awards?

    1. The event will run from November 16, 2022 0:00 to December 13, 2022 0:00 (UTC + 8)
    Only new users who registered through the Football Cup trading competition can participate in this event
    2. Rewards will be determined based on the amount of deposit and trading volume.
    3. Please refer to the campaign page for more details.
    4. Rewards will be given in the equivalent value of contract vouchers and will be awarded to users within 10 days after the competition ends. If withdrawals are made within seven days of the event, valid deposits will be recalculated, and the corresponding reward level will be updated.
    5. Valid deposits = total deposits – total withdrawals
    6. Internal transfers do not count as deposits

    Now there is an active preparation for the tournament! Join the team before November 29, 2022! Don’t forget to top up your wallet!

    Join the Veles team!

    Single participants can register and join the team. If there are no available teams at the beginning of the competition, single users will be randomly assigned to the team.

    If you don’t have an OKX account yet, then it’s time to create it.

    You can learn more about the contest HERE!

    Read more about how to create an account on the OKX exchange and create a bot in our Wiki:

    Registration on the OKX exchange
    Create an API on the OKX exchange

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