is available on the Veles platform!

    Veles users will now be able to connect their bots to 🎉

    Why Gate? It’s a reliable crypto exchange that allows users to trade over 350+ crypto coins, more than 550+ trading pairs. has daily volumes of over $1 billion on spot and more over $2,7 billion with futures market. 

    Traders note the exchange’s minimal trading fees and prompt support for users from all countries. 

    The secret to’s success is that it is a universal exchange. Here you can trade margin, futures, swaps and options. is one of the top five exchanges for spot trading. At there are no deposit restrictions, you can trade any volume.

    To all new users who came from the exchange, Veles team provides a maximum bonus of $ 15 to your account on the Veles platform so that you can test the benefits of trading with bots on the!

    Sign up in and set up your first bot now!

    If you still have questions about connecting Veles to the you can find  all information in our WIKI.

    Veles cooperates with stock exchanges!!

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