The most common question that comes up in the community is how to protect bots from market fluctuations. One option is to use conservative grid settings and run the coins both ways (short and long).

We decided to share one of the options with you:

This is not financial advice.
You should always follow risk management principles and don’t take others’ successful decisions as a direct signal for action. Pay attention to the current state of the market and the fluctuation of the selected coin.


An explanation of how the bot is set up:

Deposit $100. You need to hold $200 in the exchange so that the extra 100 USDT will serve as margin to provide leverage.

Leverage x6 — Small leverage for safe trading

Overlap — 15%. Large overlap calculated even for volatility.

Number of orders — 15. To observe the order density and to exit the trades more often

Profit — 0.45%. A small profit will allow you to close trades more quickly.

Martingale — 10%. A larger martingale value, in order to average a position more qualitatively and exit trades more quickly, greatly reduces the volume of the first orders, which reduces the potential profit, but the strategy becomes safer.

Logarithmic order distribution — 1.7. To collect more orders and involve more funds in a trade when volatility is low.

Cross Margin — A safer type of margin.

Keltner 5-Channel Filter — To trade against the trend to gain volume and exit the trade quickly.
A smaller timeframe allows you to enter the trade more often.


Logarithmic distribution – 2, so that the density of orders at the beginning of the grid is even stronger.
We have reduced the number of orders as compared with LONG to increase their volume.

Profit has also increased depending on the volume, while the profit percentage has also slightly increased.

Remember, these are just examples of settings and are not financial advice. Learn and make your own experiments and we’ll help you with it💜